PcP OPTIMO® safety gratings and treads

Round, resistant and reliable

Ever since its introduction, the OPTIMO® series of planks, panels, and treads have been synonymous with safety and stability. The OPTIMO® safety gratings design contains the characteristic punched hole pattern, allowing essential properties such as high slip resistance, drainage, optimal airflow, and strength to weight ratio, recognized by clients and industries through decades.

PcP OPTIMO gratings

Design whatever you want, wherever you want

Flexible by design

The unique design of the OPTIMO® line of more than 15 different types of gratings in 6 different materials, allows for almost endless possibilities. Lighter than the mesh grating but just as strong. The OPTIMO® line is trusted through the use in public walkways, industrial complexes, and much more. 10+ surface designs mean OPTIMO® gratings can be multi-purposed for almost any application, wet and dry environments. Furthermore, the special LHD® surface design offers unique flame-retardant capabilities, very suitable for use on transformer substations, offshore platforms and other maritime environments. In other words, OPTIMO® has the potential of providing comfort and security where even the strictest safety is required.

Unlimited potential

OPTIMO® consist of panels welded together to form a complete grating. These panels are also available in the form of stair treads and planks with different designs for numerous applications. Walkways, platforms, stairways, spiral stairs, scaffolding - the possibilities are endless. OPTIMO® brings together modern engineering with everyday practicality and safety.

The story behind OPTIMO®

Fueled by the spirit of innovation, Peder Farsen Pedersen – the son of Peder Chr. Pedersen, the founder of PcP, set out to design and develop an alternative to the traditional mesh gratings. The aim was to engineer a versatile yet flexible grating design, that did not have limitations regarding where it could be installed. In 1970, the so-called “Safety Gratings” saw first light and became an instant bestseller. Today all PcP gratings are labelled safety gratings, and the punched hole O-gratings are now recognised under the brand name OPTIMO®. 

There when you need us

Wherever you are in the early stages of development of your project or further down the road we are happy to advise about norms, application-specific or industrial requirements, and much more. The OPTIMO® line is available in both standard and custom dimensions and can be modified to meet your exact project criteria. We welcome your next project with know-how and wilfulness to realise your specific requirements.

Countless variants. Endless possibilities.

OPTIMO® is well known for its adaptable ability to fit into almost any environment or circumstance. Explore our comprehensive product catalogue below.

OPTIMO Grating US Steel 240 YP F960140100 1

OPTIMO Grating LHD Steel 240 YP F960160100 1

OPTIMO Grating LHD Steel 240 YP F960160100 2

OPTIMO Grating US Steel 240 YP F960140100 2

An all-round solution. Infinite potential.

  • Optimal strength to weight ratio

    The sturdy design of the OPTIMO® line ensures a construction that is as light as its strong. Lighter than a mesh grating with the same strengh. Punched and drainage holes, purposely designed to be easy to install, flexible in its construction and a strong foundation for any safety need across industries and applications. 

  • High slip resistance

    Carefully placed drainage holes and punched holes ensure that the OPTIMO® line proves end-users with maximum slip resistance.

  • Suitable for high altitudes

    The OPTIMO® line is very suitable to be used at high altitudes. Even though the construction employs punched holes for its features, its low level of transparency provides the end-user with a high degree of comfort.

  • Flexible by design

    OPTIMO® gratings can be used in numerous types of climates, environments, industries, and applications. The product line is available in various widths, heights, lengths, and profile forms and can furthermore be customised to meet your exact needs.

  • The right material

    Available in steel, stainless steel, special high strength steel, mill finish, aluminium, and corten steel. Your project defines the material.

  • Certified Quality

    The OPTIMO® product line has been rigorously tested and approved according to the European standards EN 1991 and EN ISO 14122.

  • Install with a breeze

    OPTIMO® has been designed to be simple and easy to install. This allows for quicker installation in challenging environments, allowing safety for end-users on short notice. The flexible and sturdy design means that the planks, panels, and treads can be installed virtually anywhere.

Choose OPTIMO® for optimal security where the strictest safety is required.

The OPTIMO® line is available in both standard and custom dimensions and can be modified to meet your exact project criteria. We welcome your next project with know-how and wilfulness to realise your specific requirements.


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