PcP Gratings - Engineering Safety™

- International manufacturer of safety gratings, treads and custom solutions

Safety is at the very heart of our products, solutions and through everything we do.
Our drive is to enable our customers - no matter your industry - to safely operate
in their business environment, supported and surrounded by innovative PcP solutions.

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Engineering Safety

A universe of opportunities - PcP Gratings and Stair treads

Through our diverse product brands, we strive to deliver value and exceed expectations across all industries and applications. Explore our most popular brands below - gratings, treads, planks and much more. Available in standard or custom sizes.

Engineering Safety™

We know the foundation behind our motivation. It is in pushing the boundaries of innovative safety solutions, which translates simple or complex needs to practical real-life solutions.

That is why we at PcP develop not only standard products but also custom solutions with our clients. Because we know it is the fabric between requirements and creativity, application and environment, the right solution is engineered. 

Through close partnership with our clients, we utilise our experience from almost a century, to engineer efficient solutions that provide safety and comfort wherever our clients may need it.

The Next Step

We go to great lengths in delivering reliable products. From the very first sketch by our designers and subsequent product maturation by our engineers to rigorous testing based on modern safety and production standards, quality is at the centre of everything we do. We are motivated by those values always to be looking ahead, and continuously developing our products to meet everchanging customer needs and being a flexible partner; who is always committed to taking the next step

We always strive to fulfil our brand promise: Engineering Safety™

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