PcP slip-resistant treads for staircases

– Tailormade and cost-effective safety solutions for staircases

PcP stair treads in steel, stainless steel or aluminium offer maximum safety for public spaces and industrial areas

PcP streads

Meet the criteria to safety and loading in public and industrial areas

PcP has been developing safety grating solutions since 1927.

Our products are designed according to parameters such as slip resistance, drainage, load capacity and where applicable contrasting nosing’s.

PcP manufactures stair treads for straight-flight staircases and assembly systems suitable for industrial buildings and public spaces which are subject to strict requirements regarding slip resistance and load capacity. In designing our products, user safety is paramount.

High slip-resistant surface on PcP stair treads

Our stair treads are manufactured with different grating designs and surfaces to meet the latest criteria for safety and slip resistance for public spaces and industrial areas.

Materials and finishes

PcP stair treads are produced in steel and aluminium according to current Eurocodes and standards. Our stair treads are used for a wide range of functions in industry, buildings and on offshore facilities.

Steel, stainless steel or aluminium

High quality and safety characterise our extensive product range which comprises stair treads for staircases and spiral staircases. We manufacture stair treads in 240 YP steel and high-strength HSS420® steel. In addition, we can supply treads in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316. When low weight and corrosion-resistance are required, we supply aluminium stair treads – 3005-16 H66.

Tailor-made stair treads

It is possible to choose standard dimensions or tailor-made dimensions in a range of materials and finishes. Explore our extensive product range of treads: MESH grating treads for a traditional and safe choice, OPTIMO® gratings and treads for maximum safety, robustness and slip resistance, while CUBE® gratings and treads are the optimum choice, combining maximum safety and optimum weight with a unique design. CUBE gratings are supplied in different standard dimensions, and can be tailor-made. Please contact our expert consultants for advice.

One step ahead

We always aim to be best-in-class, developing the safest and most advanced solutions for the many industries in which we operate. Our OPTIMO® and CUBE® series both offer designs that meet the highest slip-resistance classification R13, which allows our treads to be used for any industrial application, enhancing worker safety. All our products are tested by international European bodies before they enter the market. We always seek to be one step ahead by designing, developing and manufacturing the safest and most competitive solutions available.


Our products are developed with the customer in mind while guaranteeing maximum user safety.

  • Slip resistance

    Anti-slip safety – R10 to R13 (PTV50 – PTV79) on PcP steel treads

  • Fire protection


  • 3D drawings

    Our engineers use state-of-the-art 3D drawing programs which allow customers to see early on how the stair treads match the staircase.

  • Various design options

    Choose between a wide range of product designs and materials to meet your criteria

  • Materials

    Mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminium and Corten

  • Finishes

    Hot-dip galvanised, pickled, powder-coated, anodised and self colour


Customised solution?

You can choose standard dimensions or tailormade dimensions in a range of materials and finish