About PcP

Safety is at the very heart of our products and through everything we do. Our drive is to enable our customers - no matter their industry - to safely operate in their business routine, supported and surrounded by innovative PcP solutions.

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Engineering Safety™

Engineering is so much more than the scientific art of crafting structures. Embedded within the word, is a promise of innovation, design excellence and pioneering tomorrows’ safety solutions. We use our high level of know-how, and a fine-tuned sense of quality to engineer new solutions in close partnership with our customers, pushing industrial standards and innovating market-leading solutions.

Safety is at the very heart of our products and through everything we do. Our drive is to enable our customers - no matter their industry - to safely operate in their business routine, supported and surrounded by innovative PcP solutions.

Our drive is to deliver on our promise on every project: Engineering Safety™

A story about quality

Made in Denmark

PcP is an international company with a strong heritage in Denmark. The company was founded by Peder Christian Pedersen in 1927. In 2006, John Nielsen joined the company and is Group CEO.

PcP produces high-quality safety solutions based on gratings, planks and treads designed developed and manufactured in Denmark. We manufacture standard and custom dimensions for any project, application and industry where safety is of the essence.

PcP product lines include CUBE®, OPTIMO® and MESH™ gratings, treads and panels in various designs, materials and finishes.

Founded locally. Globally oriented.

PcP’s subsidiaries are spread throughout Europe. Aside from Denmark, PcP are represented locally in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. With production and stock facilities located in our danish headquarter as well as in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, we ensure fast customer support and swift delivery all over Europe.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse staff and locally employed workforce who act as safety experts across the organisation. Every day we build on our foundation of experience, refined through the course of almost a century.

Pioneering safety

Our employees are committed and trained to help professionals engineer safety across different industries and applications, for example within the public, industrial, food and beverage, and the on-shore and offshore sectors and much more. We see it as our main responsibility to ensure that our products and solutions provide maximum safety for end-users. Our aim is that whether people walking across a bridge, along an access walkway, up a public stairway or on a maintenance platform, all feel safe as a matter of course. PcP solutions are the foundation of feeling unnoticeably safe.

Helping professionals engineer the sensation of safety into their projects, we always strive to live up to our brand promise: Engineering Safety™.

Industrial platform

The art of engineering

We know the foundation behind our motivation. It is in pushing the boundaries of innovative safety solutions, which translates simple or complex needs to practical real-life solutions.

That is why we at PcP develop not only standard products but also custom solutions with our clients. Because we know it is the fabric between requirements and creativity, application and environment, the right solution is engineered. 

Through close partnership with our clients, we utilise our experience from almost a century, to engineer efficient solutions that provide safety and comfort wherever our clients may need it. 

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Our Core

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations for safety solutions is deeply embedded within our DNA. Our "coil-to-product" concept and innovative skills give us a competitive edge. Our focus is on maintaining and ever-improving our flexibility, speed and efficiency developing and manufacturing standard and customised grating products, accessories and much more through our MESH®, OPTIMO® and CUBE® product lines.

Our way of working

We believe that our approach of working - internally as well as externally, is the primary driver of how we can operate successfully and efficiently.

  • Safe – Safety always comes first.
  • Respectful – We respect the individual by having an accommodating workplace, which is free of discrimination on the grounds of gender, political orientation, religion, race or disability.
  • Trustworthy – We are a trustworthy partner. Our word is our bond at PcP.
  • Dynamic – We adapt to market demands and conditions. We respond to change by recognising new opportunities. As a result, we are direct, efficient, and customer-oriented.
  • Sustainable – We care about the environment, and work to increase the sustainability of our safety solutions. 
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Take the next step

We go to great lengths in delivering reliable products. From the very first sketch by our designers and subsequent product maturation by our engineers to rigorous testing based on modern safety and production standards, quality is at the centre of everything we do. We are motivated by those values to always looking ahead, continuously developing our solutions to meet the ever-changing customer needs and being a flexible, trusted partner, who is always committed to taking the next step.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, you can expect a motivated partner, that delivers on cost-efficient, innovative safety solutions.

We invite you to join us at the forefront of tomorrow's safety solutions.

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