Heavy duty and vehicular grating solutions

– Safe, robust and cost-effective heavy duty grating solutions

PcP offers a wide range of grating products for vehicular solutions near roads, at train stations and on ramps for the European market

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PcP vehicular gratings meet all the criteria for safety, design and functionality

Vehicular gratings are often assumed to be similar to cattle grids or cast-iron grids. However, our range is a far cry from this as they are designed for many different installation sites and vehicles weights.

Vehicular grating design

Vehicular grating, while not always visible or cutting-edge design, invariably needs to be designed subject to specialist advice.

With our extensive experience and product range, we can help you achieve your goal.

Materials and gratings for vehicular grating solutions

Whatever your requirements, we can supply a solution using our bespoke mesh grating or Optimo range, which are available in carbon steel and stainless steel and with either a hot-dip galvanised, polyester powder-coated, chemically cleaned or electropolished finish.

PcP vehicular gratings suitable for many different applications

PcP vehicle gratings can be used for a wide range of applications, contributing to a safe working environment for employees on maintenance platforms etc. as well as safe public areas for pedestrians etc.

Places where PcP safety gratings can be used:

Maintenance platforms

Grilles through which fresh air is drawn into a building following a fire must, of course, be strong enough to bear pedestrians. Moreover, they are often also subjected to vehicular loads such as maintenance vehicles (e.g. mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs)), which have high point loads and are used extensively in cities owing to restricted access etc.

Horizontal gratings for coverings

A horizontal grating that provides support for architectural floor coverings in a museum must be able to withstand heavy exhibitions etc.

Steel ramps in car parks and storage units

Modern car dealerships usually have their own dedicated car park and storage unit, often with ramps up to the various levels. These ramps are manufactured from a steel structure to minimise construction time and cost, but they always have an open type of non-slip grille capable of bearing cars and SUVs.

Pavement gratings for pedestrian safety in underground stations, near roads etc.

Pavement gratings, as seen in most cities, are predominantly used to provide ventilation to an underground station or car park. First and foremost, however, they have to be heel-friendly, and secondly allow adequate ventilation. But what about emergency or delivery vehicles – or what if an accident occurs on top of the pavement grating? If the grille is situated near a road with no barrier protection, it will have to accommodate these requirements.

Anti-slip OPTIMO® gratings for Whitechapel station, London

The riser gratings at Whitechapel station in London have been designed to withstand the large vehicles used by Crossrail Ltd (the company set up to build the new Elizabeth railway line) during maintenance work. PcP OPTIMO® D3 plank gratings – non-perforated anti-slip – were used as an ideal alternative to the previously specified twisted bar gratings with welded chequer plate owing to both weight and cost.


Our products are developed to meet the needs of our customers, and guarantee maximum safety for end-users.

  • No maintenance (subject to finish use)

  • Robust

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Bespoke vehicular solution

  • Non-combustible

  • Slip-resistant where applicable

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Customised solution?

Interested in learning more about PcP vehicle gratings or customised solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.