PcP Scaffolding solutions for T&F systems

- the safe, ergonomic, cost-effective and long-lasting choice

Steel System Boards - compliant to BS 12810/11 and compatible with all major scaffold brands


Fire-proof, lightweight and slip-resistant System and T&F Scaffold Boards

On account of its lighter weight and integral non-slip properties combined with safe and proven hook solutions, PcP offers fast and easy-to-install scaffold boards that are tested in the UK to meet and exceed BS EN 12811-1.
PcP steel scaffold boards for T&F are lighter, at 14,5 kg, than new or wet wood boards. This means safer handling with faster erection and dismantling times, meeting Health and Safety regulations' requirements when using PcP scaffolding solutions.

The unique surface with upward grip holes on PcP's scaffolding boards provides this product's highest possible non-slip properties – compliant with R13 DIN 51130, minimising the risk of slip and fall accidents. The holes also ensure that the scaffolding is drained and always dry – no need to sweep or turn the boards over after snow or frost.

Scaffolding products tested in the UK and approved by the NASC

All PcP products and solutions are independently tested and approved by the UK and European Engineering Centers to meet and exceed BS EN 12811-1 and BS EN 12810.

PcP is a Full Member of the NASC (Hire, Sales and Manufacturing Committee Member) and the Scaffolding Association.

With PcP scaffolding solutions, you can be sure of a safer solution!

The long lifespan of our scaffolding products ensures the best operating economy.
With PcP scaffolding products, you are guaranteed a safer, high quality and fire-proof solution. Even in aggressive environments, for example, the products will last 15 years and much longer in everyday environments on oil rig platforms. Compared to wood boards, PcP Steel Scaffold boards are the safest and best solution in the long term according to the following parameters:

  • Technical lifespan
  • Economic lifespan
  • Overall product economy

The compatible steel boards can be used with existing wooden planks and replace your warped, broken or split wooden boards as they wear out.

Steel scaffold boards for T&F Scaffolding

PcP offers a wide range of steel scaffolding boards and treads for the most recognised traditional scaffolding on the market.

Tailor-made solutions for system suppliers of scaffolding

Over the past 30 years, PcP has developed and manufactured planks, decks and cover sheets for various scaffolding system suppliers and manufacturers. Our unique and flexible production facilities and our technical expertise in scaffolding make us an attractive partner for many British and European system suppliers.

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PcP offers steel scaffold boards for the most renowned scaffolding systems in the UK.

  • Slip-resistant

  • Fire proof

  • Durable

  • Constant weight - lighter than a wood board

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