LHD® fire-protection gratings for transformer station bunds

Safe, fireproof transformer bunds with PcP LHD® fire-protection gratings in galvanised steel or aluminium.


LHD® fire-protection solutions for oil-filled transformer station bunds

The primary purpose of a transformer station is to ensure the safe distribution of electrical power to the grid. Owing to the environment, a transformer station poses a significant number of safety risks. Transformer oil catching fire in connection with a transformer rupture presents a considerable problem, as the fire can cause massive damage to the surroundings, the environment, workers and the entire power station. Considering the potential risk of an accident occurring, the design of the transformer station pit is critical. In the event of leaking oil, a transformer is often placed above a concrete pit (transformer pit) to capture all the leaking oil. For this purpose, the pit needs to be constructed to a size which equates to the volume of oil from the transformer station in case of leaks and also allowing for rainfall. Furthermore, the oil must be able to drain away from the surface as quickly as possible (600 litres oil per m2 per minute).

Maximum safety for oil-filled transformer stations

Substations are designed differently throughout Europe, even though the requirements and criteria are the same. Some use stones supported by open mesh flooring below, as this restricts oxygen. However, the capacity requirement is still the same, and therefore the pit has to be designed so that it is sufficiently large to accommodate the 300 mm of stone. Also, this approach does not allow easy inspection or maintenance. Others use loose panels in the pit, which might seem cheaper, but it ultimately incurs additional costs as the installation time is significantly longer. Also, the gaps between these panels lead to higher oxygen levels, thus creating potential issues in the event of a fire.

To ensure maximum safety, PcP has designed a cost-efficient solution that requires little to no maintenance and a smaller pit, and which is 100% reliable regarding design criteria. PcP’s LHD® low hole density gratings are welded together to minimise airflow and boast excellent drainage, ensuring that any flames can be extinguished. Moreover, PcP LHD® welded gratings are easy to replace. Each solution is carefully designed and customised to meet your safety requirements and design criteria.

With a very high slip resistance (R11) and load capacity, LHD® is designed to provide maximum safety for the maintenance workers on a transformer substation.

‘Made in Denmark’ and 100% recyclable

Designing safe solutions for transformer station bunds is one of our core competences, with the LHD® fire-protection grating introduced to prevent transformer station fires. Since the late 1980s, PcP has been designing, developing and manufacturing safe fire-protection solutions for offshore, oil and gas applications. PcP’s products and solutions, including the LHD®, are environmentally friendly, durable and made of 100% recyclable material. Designed for extinguishing fires within 6 seconds, this is probably the safest solution on the market! Our task is to help you design the most reliable solution.

OPTIMO® LHD fire-extinguishing gratings

PcP’s LHD® is a low-hole density punched grating designed with the exact number of holes (< 5% airflow) to extinguish the fire and to drain leaking oil at the same time. Type LHD® is fitted where both slip resistance and flame-retardance are required, and is often used as heat shielding on oil rigs or as transformer substation flooring. LHD® is a safety grating tested and approved by the Swedish test institute RISE according its fire-extinguishing and oil-draining properties. The perfect choice for both onshore and offshore oil platforms and transformer stations.


Ensure maximum safety with PcP cost-efficient solution that requires little to no maintenance and a smaller pit. A 100% reliable solution can be customised to meet your design criteria

  • Very little maintenance

  • Easy to install

  • Maximum safety

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

  • Aluminium, steel and stainless-steel

  • Extinguishes oil fires

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Customised solution?

Looking for a flexible partner to supply a customised bund solution for a transformer station? Our specialists always work closely with customers to achieve the best possible solution. PcP offers LHD® fire-protection gratings in aluminium and steel, welded together for maximum fire extinguishment. We always place significant focus on designing tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Choose PcP as your trusted partner.