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PcP Corporation - 10 entities across Europe

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PcP Corporation

PcP Corporation (formerly known as PF Group A/S) is the parent company of PcP, and also owns a range of other Danish and international companies. PcP Corporation’s companies act as individual entities, but also provide strong competencies to the entire group.

The companies each support and constitute part of the value chain, from design, development and tooling to production and finishing our products and solutions. Utilising the best of our competencies across entities, PcP Corporation continuously makes improvements and is led by an innovative mindset. With subsidiaries in many countries, we deliver products and services that are in high demand all over Europe.

John Nielsen is Group CEO and owns PcP Corporation jointly with the majority shareholder Maj Invest, one of Denmark’s leading asset management companies.

Where we do business

PcP is based in Denmark, with subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. We are also present in other markets, worldwide, supported from our home markets and Export Sales office.



Together with CEO John Nielsen, the management consists of five members, each representing the areas of Commercial Excellence, Finance, R&D and Operations. The management has extensive experience from other international companies.

  • John Nielsen, CEO
  • Michael Finderup, CCO
  • Henrik Hillebrandt, COO
  • Michael Habekost, CDO
  • Birgitte Rasmussen, CFO

PcP Corporation companies

A range of other sector-related companies lie under the parent company PcP Corporation – Guardrail Engineering, PF Værktøj (Tooling), Nordjysk Døgn Galvanisering, Elefant® Gratings and Elefant Riste.


  • PcP

    PcP is an International manufacturer of standard products and custom solutions for applications across industries. PcP is represented in 6 markets across Europe representing PcP with local offices.

  • Elefant Riste

    Elefant graitings offer a wide range of press welded gratings and treads

  • PF Værktøj (tooling)

    PF Værktøj manufactures tools and machine components for production companies.

  • GUARDRAIL Engineering

    Industrial Hand-railing, vertical access ladder system "AXESS", staircases and platforms are supplied to structural & coastal engineers, architects & consultants, fabricators and general industry.

  • Nordjysk Døgn Galvanisering

    Nordjysk Døgn Galvanisering A/S provides galvanising and hot-dip gavanising.