CSR & Business Ethics

PcP develops its core business and challenges in a profitable and socially responsible way

PcP Business Ethics and CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Principles

PcP Corporation operates according to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Represented in key markets all over Europe, PcP Corporation is committed to CSR and we constantly work to ensure that our activities are conducted responsibly. PcP’s business approach is based on the presumption that culture, practice, ethics and moral norms differ among countries.

Despite the differences, our actions and business practices are always based on the PcP Way of Working. PcP operates in accordance with the UN Global Compact initiative, and since 2015 the CSR Policy of PcP has been formally expressed and is annually reviewed by the Board of the group.

At PcP Corporation we continuously strive to improve our environmental performance to reduce our impact, and to promote increasing responsibility by working with local government policies.

– For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of our way of working.

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