PcP gratings for modern and functional facades and screening

– Modern aesthetic design with PcP facade and screening solutions

Open mesh gratings, perforated sheets and expanded metal for modern functional facades and screening solutions on buildings and for construction.

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Architectural or functional facades? The choice is yours.

Whether you are looking for a modern facade solution for a new building or safe and solid screening for a rooftop, PcP offers a variety of options for facade designs in the form of expanded metal, perforated sheets for facades and open mesh gratings. Our options for facade solutions come in a variety of materials to suit your needs – COR-TEN steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

PcP facade solutions can be combined with any other material such as glass, brick or wood to create a visually aesthetic look. PcP specialises in producing customised solutions to suit all architectural and technical requirements.

Create architectural facades with open mesh gratings

Open mesh gratings come in various materials and finishes, for example corten steel for a modern architectural look or galvanised steel and stainless steel for a functional facade or screening solution, depending on your design criteria.

Mesh gratings can be used as wall cladding for decorative facades or as a protective screening solution on buildings. PcP MESH™ gratings are cost-efficient, easy to install and provide excellent light and air penetration.

Lightweight, cost-efficient and easy to install

PcP facade products are easy and quick to install. We customise our panels to suit your needs and provide in-depth advice on installation.


  • Various materials and finish

  • Functional

  • Wide range of design options for architectural and industrial use

  • Long lasting solutions

  • Leight-weight

  • Customised dimensions


Customised facade solution?

Looking for a partner to manufacture a custom solution for your project? Our team of specialists are ready to advise you about your desired façade and screening solution. PcP offers various design options and materials for facades and screening; corten steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium, etc. All of our products may be completely custom-designed to your needs.