PcP gratings for brise soleil and solar shading

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Baastad Tennis Stadium MESH Gratings Brise Soleil And Ceiling23

Design a modern brise soleil and solar shading solution

Did you know that brise soleil is more than simply solar shading? It also covers the maintenance walkway between a curtain wall, a bolt-fixed glazed facade or even a security grille.

Bespoke PcP mesh gratings for modern solar shading and brise soleil

Many modern buildings are designed with glazed facades, and it is not usually clear that these significant, glazed structures are bolt-fixed using various cantilevered brackets as a floating glass wall on the concrete or steel structure. The space between the building and glazing often requires integral solar shading using blinds or by utilising the flat bars on the walkway at each level to achieve the desired 57° specification.

Sometimes it is merely vertical panels acting as security grilles which provide the solar shading.


Whatever your requirements, we can offer a bespoke mesh grating solution in either carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium and with either a hot-dip galvanised, polyester powder-coated, chemically cleaned, electropolished or anodised finish.


There are many things to consider when designing a brise soleil, and therefore the ideal solution is to design your brise soleil solution in cooperation with an experienced manufacturer. PcP designs and manufactures gratings for brise soleil and solar shading in close collaboration with architects. Here, we draw on our expertise and knowledge to create the best possible solar shading and brise soleil solutions.

With our extensive experience and product range, PcP can help you achieve your goal.


PcP gratings are developed to enhance the design and functionality of modern buildings.

  • No maintenance (subject to finish use)

  • Robust

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Modern design

  • Non-combustible

  • Various degrees of solar shading achievable

  • Environmentally friendly

Baastad Tennis Stadium MESH Gratings Brise Soleil And Ceiling23

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