Ventilation grille solutions

– The perfect choice for modern buildings, architecture and public areas

PcP ventilation gratings are ideal for pavements in public areas and as a modern design solution for buildings or contemporary architecture.

Ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles for modern buildings, architecture and public areas

In designing modern buildings, architects and designers face with many challenges, one of which is ventilation. Whether it be natural or forced, interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal, each ventilation solution has its own set of criteria.

PcP mesh gratings for ventilation

Our gratings are usually used in areas where ventilation is required in combination with other requirements such as screening, public access, vehicular access, barrier properties or merely aesthetic. Our range of mesh gratings is ideal as it offers free areas up to 92% resulting in fewer or smaller penetrations in the building/landscape. PcP MESH or CUBE gratings can be supplied with a free area of 50-92%. Even maintenance-only areas require ventilation. Such as riser grilles in buildings, which serve as a working platform and provide ventilation in the event of fire. All items can be supplied ready to install with appropriate fixtures, or can be cut on site if preferred, subject to site restrictions and application.

Horizontal grilles for pavements in public spaces

A horizontal grille in the pavement whose primary purpose is air intake into a building in the event of a fire also has to be suitable for the general public, for example women’s footwear i.e. heel-friendly and slip-resistant. These grilles can also be subject to vehicle loads such as emergency service vehicles or mobile elevating working platforms (MEWP) with high point loads.

CUBE® or MESH™ gratings for horizontal grilles on buildings and architecture

A horizontal grille in raised planters (bricked plinth) at the perimeter of the building providing 5% natural ventilation to underground car parking. It is therefore not exposed to public or vehicular access, but there may be aesthetic requirements.

A ventilation grille is often visible and may even constitute part of the building front. PcP CUBE® and MESH™ grating options enable you to design ventilation to suit the visual environment. Whether you need ventilation for an industrial, modern or architectural project, our purpose is to meet the criteria of both landscape and building architects by supplying customised ventilation solutions.

Variety of materials and finishes to customise your solution

Whatever your requirement, we can supply bespoke MESH™ and CUBE® grating solutions in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium* with a hot-dip galvanised, polyester powder-coated, chemically cleaned, electropolished or anodised finish.

No challenge is too great thanks to our vast range of steel and stainless-steel ventilation gratings. Moreover, we are always able to provide help and advice with your design based on our extensive knowledge and experience.


Ventilation grilles for modern buildings, architecture and public spaces. Here are just a few of the advantages you enjoy when choosing a PcP solution:

  • No-maintenance (subject to finish and regular inspection)

  • Robust

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Bespoke

  • Non-Combustible

  • Slip-resistant where applicable

  • In house 3D drawing team

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Customised solution?

Choose PcP as your trusted partner. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a customised solution with our bespoke mesh gratings. We always focus on designing tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers.