EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

Build more responsible projects with our EPD certified products

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Engagement in Responsibility

PcP are raising the standard with Environmental Product Declarations. We are happy to share that we have earned Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our wide range of products in all material variations offered. This showcases our commitment to delivering eco-friendly solutions for the building and construction industry. Our EPDs provide precise information about the environmental impact of products like, for example, our OPTIMO gratings with punched holes and Elefant gratings. This way, you can make better choices and become part of a future with more responsible construction.

Our EPD-certified products are crafted for safety, high strength, and responsibility. By choosing PcP for your industrial projects, you're helping shape a more responsible future and reducing your constructions' environmental CO2 footprint.

Advantages of choosing PcP for your projects:

  • Responsible products: Get access to products with proven low environmental impact.
  • More responsibility in every building block: Contribute to greener construction without compromising quality.
  • Transparency and trust: EPDs offer clarity, letting you make choices aligned with your responsibility goals.

Build more responsibly with PCP. Contact us today to learn more about our EPD-certified products and how we can support your responsible initiatives.

Find our EPD Environmental Product Declarations on EDP Denmark's website HERE, or download below.

Download our EPDs below