CASE: Heathrow Park maintenance walkway

Safe and long lasting steel flooring solution

Main contractor chooses CUBE® gratings for 3,260-square-metre steel flooring for Heathrow Park maintenance walkway

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Heathrow Park maintenance platform

Heathrow Park is an industrial estate situated close to Heathrow Airport, UK. The construction project involved different collaboration partners – a UK steelwork and installation company and a main contractor, both operating as key stakeholders in the Heathrow Park project. The steelwork company contacted PcP on behalf of the main contractor, who was looking for a cost-efficient steel maintenance roof walkway for accessing roof equipment.

Project criteria and proposal

On behalf of the main contractor, a steelwork contractor approached PcP to quote for a suitable product for 3,260 square metres of steel flooring for a maintenance walkway. Normally, twisted bar grating is specified for projects of this kind, but PcP CUBE® gratings were suggested to match the customer’s criteria regarding delivery time.

The main contractor required grating for a steel flooring platform which had to be supplied by a very tight deadline and at a competitive price but with a high-quality finish. 

Once the initial proposal for the CUBE® gratings had been accepted, PcP ensured that the quotation met the all the criteria specified by the client for the planning application. Static load calculations and samples were provided in order to obtain final approval.

The solution 

CUBE® grating – an alternative to twisted bar grating

PcP proposed the new B-CUBE® grating for Heathrow Park flooring as it could be made to suit the spans required at a competitive price. However, and more importantly, the B-CUBE® grating proved a viable proposition to the client due to the low weight of the product compared to other gratings. The delivery time also met the strict site requirements. 

For the project, the B-CUBE® grating was manufactured over a six-week period using robotic welding on both day and night shifts in order to meet the project schedule.

PcP experts delivered tailor-made CUBE® gratings for the steel flooring, and the work included paying special attention to details, accurate technical drawings, and providing all the necessary product certification and data sheets.

Customer support, technical expertise and calculations

In order to address any queries, PcP provided full support from its technical department and customer service team. The following elements were relevant for meeting the strict requirements to both product and delivery:

  • PcP in-house calculation software and expertise was used to provide the know-how required to produce specifications and data sheets in line with British Standards and to meet customer requirements.
  • PcP’s experienced in-house drawing team provided full panel drawings for client approval prior to manufacture.


  • Technical support

    Bespoke load calculations and technical information in accordance with British Standards

  • Cost-effective

    Most economical solution with excellent high-quality finish

  • Strength

    Better strength-to-weight ratio than the twisted bar specification originally considered

  • 3D drawings

    Drawings of fabrication panel arrangement supplied by our in-house drawing office

  • Full support

    Access to after-sales support including relevant data sheet and certification

  • Tailor-made

    Product supplied fit for purpose

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