CASE: New Air BP Jet Fuel Station

The Air BP jet fuel station project is based on a collaboration involving the Swedish partners Totech as project lead and Fremek who installed the entire construction that includes PcP’s solution to provide a safe work platform.

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Project Partners
FREMEK Service AB and Totech AB
25 years
Dals-Långed, Sweden
Air BP

New BP Air jet fuel station enhances maintenance time and workers safety

About the collaboration partners

This project involves the partners Fremek AB, Totech AB and PCP A/S.

Fremek is a workshop company in Dals-Långed that is certified according to EN-1090, EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3. Fremek specializes in welding, cutting, painting and assembly of large projects throughout Sweden.
PcP’s solution includes CUBE® gratings and treads for a modern design and ladder systems for worker safety. Fremek and Totech chose PcP’s solution to install a new fuel station for Air BP, one of the world’s largest aviation suppliers.

Project criteria - Slip-resistant steel platform

For this project, Air BP required an anti-slip platform due to the use of oil during maintenance.
Although the platform is new construction, it was erected on an existing outdoor structure with nothing but a roof and fuel tanks. Thus, there were specific dimensions required.

Therefore, PcP provided a more efficient fuel station platform and a safe working environment for personnel carrying out aircraft maintenance.

The project had a strict timeline of 10 weeks as the construction had to be finalised before winter.
Fremek was responsible for designing the air-plane fuel station and for sourcing the correct materials. Fremek contracted Totech for the works. Totech has more than 25 years of experience managing complex projects for a range of industries and, therefore, extensive knowledge of industrial construction and of which materials to use.

PcP has delivered gratings to Fremek in several previous projects. Totech, therefore, approached PcP to showcase gratings with high slip-resistance for the platform. Totech seeked to use standard sizes to meet customer requirements of lead time and budget. At this point, Totech discovered that PCP also could provide handrail and ladder systems.

Project solution - CUBE gratings

The PcP CUBE® gratings, treads and toe-plate were provided for the platform in standard sizes. For easy access to the platform, PcP provided fire escape ladders and safety handrails. PcP CUBE® gratings and treads benefit from outstanding high PTV slip-resistance reducing trip and fall risk, lightweight but strong and fitted perfectly into the existing construction from the ground to roof.

Fremek installed the platform, and the workers on-site made cut-outs to suit various plant equipment. Additionally, PcP provided escape ladders to mount on fuel tanks. In case of fire incidents/emergencies, enabling workers to escape rapidly.

“After we designed the structural arrangement for the platform, we sent the drawings to PcP, who finalized the grating arrangement. PcP could produce a panel arrangement and overlay this onto our steelwork drawings and send it back to Totech for review and sign-off. We feel very safe and confident with this solution, and this makes us feel that there is no mistake.”

Tommy Tveter, Project Manager, Totech

The new platform makes a difference for the workers who 1-2 times per day have to access the station to check the fuel and make tests.

  • Slip-resistant platform reducing trip and fall risk

    Slip resistent maintentance platform made of CUBE Oyster gratings with R13 slip resistant surface 

  • Ease of installation

    Fremek installed the platform, and the workers on-site made cut-outs to suit various plant equipment

  • Ease of maintenance

    a safe working environment for personnel carrying out maintenance on aircraft.

  • Safer working environment

    Today it's easier and safer to go up there instead of climbing on the tanks.

CUBE® Gratings for Building and Construction & Food and Pharma

As a new cost-efficient alternative to the traditional mesh grating, the PcP CUBE® grating series is suitable for various industrial applications such as building, construction and for the food and pharma industries.

Cube Plank Grating B Cube Oyster Steel 240 Yp F972000300 1

Steel and Stainless Steel Grating - CUBE® Oyster

Plank grating with standard Oyster pattern for enhanced slip resistance acc. to BS 7976. Available in hot-dip galvanised steel (B-CUBE) or stainless steel (C-CUBE).

Cube Tread B Cube St240yp Galv 800X240x40x2 F180000101 1

Steel Tread - CUBE® Oyster

Stairtread with anti-slip nosing and Oyster pattern for enhanced slip resistance. Available in hot-dip galvanised steel (B-CUBE).

Cube Plank B Cube Oyster Steel 240 Yp C050400100 1

Steel Plank - CUBE® Oyster

Build your own grating or let us help you customise your project with mill finish steel planks (B-CUBE). Standard Oyster option for enhanced slip resistance.

Cube Tread C Cube Oyster Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Tread - CUBE® Oyster

C-CUBE® stair treads have a better strength-to-weight ratio than traditional mesh grating treads which means that strength is maintained while weight is reduced

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