PcP gratings for balconies

– Safe protection and flooring for balconies

PcP gratings offer a reliable and robust solution for balconies


PcP gratings for balcony flooring and protection

Many buildings, both commercial and private, have balconies with gratings. Our PcP gratings are perfect for balconies, where they provide safe and reliable protection at heights.

Protection gratings for Juliet balconies – small balconies

A Juliet balcony is a very shallow balcony, and typically seen in residential blocks of flats where French windows have been incorporated to allow a greater influx of light and more fresh air. In some cases, the balcony may even be wide enough for a small chair/table etc. Slightly larger Juliet balconies are just big enough to accommodate potted plants or flowers. However, all small balconies require at least a floor and barrier protection which should be non-combustible, robust, maintenance-free and aesthetic.
For small balconies, our PcP MESH gratings offer safe, robust and maintenance-free protection. We can supply tailormade gratings for barrier protection in a range of materials.

Mesh flooring and protection for standard balconies

A standard balcony is a projected platform on the outside of a building which is suitable for single individuals and large gatherings. The flooring should allow drainage, but should not be so open that falling objects cause damage or injury to others. Also, the flooring may need to restrict viewing from below for the sake of privacy.
The priority for the perimeter on such balconies is to provide protection, but combined with high light penetration. For this purpose, both glass and mesh gratings are used extensively owing to the inherent properties of the materials.

Choose between various PcP gratings, patterns and materials for balcony flooring and perimeters as an alternative to glass:

MESH® gratings
Our MESH™ gratings offer a non-combustible, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to glass, and constitute a very robust and maintenance-free product.

OPTIMO® gratings
The PcP gratings OPTIMO® O2, O5, Dimple and LHD® all offer non-combustible, slip-resistant, heel-friendly and discreet solutions for steel balcony floors, and can be manufactured and cut to any shape or size.

Available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium with a range of finishes: hot-dip galvanised, polyester powder-coated, chemically cleaned, electropolished or anodised.


Our products are developed to meet customer needs, and guarantee maximum user safety:

  • No maintenance (subject to finish use)

  • Robust

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Non-combustible

  • Slip-resistant where applicable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Collaborate with our in-house drawing team

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Bespoke solution

Interested in learning more about PcP gratings for balcony flooring and protection – or customisable solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.