CASE: Steel stairways and platforms for Backstage ² Upkot student flats

Ultramodern student accommodation using steel with safe stairways, safe and comfortable platforms as well as exterior seating areas for students.

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Lannoo Konstruktie
Year established
Since 1987
Ghent, Belgium
Student housing

Safe steel stairways and platforms for Backstage ² Upkot student flats in Ghent, Belgium

The ancient printing house of “De Vooruit” in the Center of Ghent, was completely stripped to only the ancient concrete supporting structure. From there the renovation to an ultramodern student home was to be made with steel, providing safe stairways, safe and easy to walk on platforms, as well as outside sitting areas for the students. This was all to be made in aesthetical harmony with other products, such as COR-TEN steel that was used in the project. This to create a modern look, aspiring to the students.

About Lannoo Konstruktie

Lannoo Konstruktie in Pittem to the west of Ghent was established in 1987 by Noël Lannoo, whose son Christophe Lannoo is now CEO. The company specialises in supplying the steel structures needed to finish off buildings, such as stairs, railings, walkways and platforms, and in particular customised solutions. Lannoo Konstruktie has 20 highly qualified employees working at the company’s offices in Pittem as well as on site during the construction process.

The project criteria

PcP had to meet the criteria for a sustainable, durable product which was safe and comfortable to walk on. At the same time, the product needed to blend in well with the COR-TEN steel being used for other parts of the project, providing a modern look that would appeal to students. Another challenge was installing the new steel structure onto the existing concrete supporting structure of the original building.

The solution

Lannoo Konstruktie chose the OPTIMO® O2, Spiral treads – Type K and panels, as these high-quality products met all the stated requirements for the new student accommodation building. In addition, it was a bonus that the OPTIMO® O2 perforation is easy to walk on in all types of shoes, and is even suitable for outdoor furniture, such as tables and lounge chairs.

“The strength-to-weight ratio of the PcP solution is very favourable. This was very helpful for us, as we had to mount the new steel structure onto the old concrete supporting beams. It was important to have a light but very strong panel and steps. PcP was ideal for this purpose.”
– Christophe Lannoo, CEO, Lannoo Konstruktie

The result

The ancient printing house of ‘Dagblad Vooruit’ in the centre of Ghent was completely stripped back to its concrete supporting structure. The structure was then developed to create ultramodern student accommodation using steel with safe stairways, safe and comfortable platforms as well as exterior seating areas for students. This work all harmonised aesthetically with the other building materials, such as the COR-TEN steel used in the project. The aim was to create a modern and inspiring student residence.

Architectural steel platform and spiral stair treads

The project lasted a total of five months from first production to final installation of the panels and steps. In total, 150 spiral K treads were used for three spiral stairs on the three-storey building. More than 100 OPTIMO® O2 treads were installed, together with almost 300 square metres of OPTIMO® O2 panels, both standard and customised. For Lannoo Konstruktie, it was a very attractive project to be engaged in, and likewise for PcP, which is used to projects which are more industrial in nature.


  • High strength

  • Tailor-made dimension

  • Lightweight

  • Fast production time

  • Safe and comfortable to walk on

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