CASE: Platforms and stairs for grandstand systems

Safe and stable grandstand systems

Pan-European specialist supplier of mobile and stationary grandstand systems for TV events, concerts and major international sports events chooses PcP OPTIMO® gratings and treads for steel floor coverings and stairs.

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Combining steel and aluminium gratings

The criteria

The task was to replace old wooden floor planks with modern, robust, weatherproof and slip-resistant steel flooring and stair treads that met all the customer’s requirements pertaining to load. In particular, the customer was keen to reduce the strain on workers during both dismantling and assembly. Furthermore, it was also necessary to reduce the noise pollution which occurred when working with metal against metal.

The solution

In cooperation with our customer, the customer’s assembly teams and our product development department, solutions were developed that met the above requirements.

User safety

One of the main challenges which had to be addressed in the customer specification was the requirement for a slip-resistant surface. Here we were able to incorporate a surface design based on our PcP OPTIMO® O2 surface, which has already been used for a wide range of projects worldwide. OPTIMO® O2 is certified according to R13/V10 slip-resistance and meets the strict demands to slip-resistance. OPTIMO® O2 grating discreetly improves safety for visitors during an event while also improving handling for the installation team.
With a very small surface perforation of only Ø 5/9 mm, people frightened of heights are unable to look down directly through the platform on which they are standing, thereby guaranteeing a sense of security. Furthermore, this profiling solution offers perfect drainage, ensuring that the floors always remain dry.

Combining aluminium and steel – a lightweight solution

For the system flooring, a combination of aluminium and hot-dip galvanised steel was chosen to reduce weight without compromising capacity. For example, the gratings used for floors and treads were supplied in aluminium and screwed together with high-strength steel end pieces to form a complete unit. This reduced the weight of the components, and provided a significant ergonomic advantage compared to the wooden planks which had been used to date.

Reducing noise pollution

Despite the considerable weight reduction from using individual components, another challenge presented itself. Some of the treads and platforms on the metal substructure produced considerable rattling noises. However, even this challenge was overcome with a slightly unconventional method. By installing small oak blocks in the steel end pieces, the fixing points were tightened on the substructure, which significantly reduced the rattling noises.

The result

The customised solution combined steel and aluminium PcP products to provide extremely safe gratings for system floors and stairs for mobile and stationary grandstands. The solution is more ergonomic, lighter and meets the high requirements for safety and load bearing.

Furthermore, it meets the overall objective of ensuring safe events for visitors. A successful event relies on the successful implementation of grandstand systems.


  • Light-weight

  • Slip-resistant

  • Material: steel and aluminium

  • Ergonomic and safe for the workers

  • Long-lasting

  • Easy-to-install

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