CUBE® – the future of gratings

Now you can get this alternative to mesh gratings at very competitive prices!

No matter the industry or application, CUBE® is an improved alternative to mesh gratings and provides you with the benefit of high safety combined with a unique design at competitive prices.

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Getting a little bored with our traditional mesh grating? try out the new CUBE® grating

Walkway, platform or covering? Let us help you with your next project!

CUBE® gratings were introduced in April 2019, and immediately the success was evident.

Today, CUBE® gratings, treads and planks are used for various applications such as access walkways on bridges or as a strong platform with airflow in data centres or as decorative covering for facades and ceilings.

Due to the clean look and the high strength to weight ratio many engineers and architects are prescribing the CUBE® gratings for various projects where safety, design and cleanability are stated criteria. 

  • Platforms and open flooring
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Facades
  • Ceiling

CUBE® Gratings for Building and Construction & Food and Pharma

As a new cost-efficient alternative to the traditional mesh grating, the PcP CUBE® grating series is suitable for various industrial applications such as building, construction and for the food and pharma industries.

Cube Plank Grating B Cube Oyster Steel 240 Yp F972000300 1

Steel and Stainless Steel Grating - CUBE® Oyster

Plank grating with standard Oyster pattern for enhanced slip resistance acc. to BS 7976. Available in hot-dip galvanised steel (B-CUBE) or stainless steel (C-CUBE).

Cube Tread B Cube St240yp Galv 800X240x40x2 F180000101 1

Steel Tread - CUBE® Oyster

Stairtread with anti-slip nosing and Oyster pattern for enhanced slip resistance. Available in hot-dip galvanised steel (B-CUBE).

Cube Plank B Cube Oyster Steel 240 Yp C050400100 1

Steel Plank - CUBE® Oyster

Build your own grating or let us help you customise your project with mill finish steel planks (B-CUBE). Standard Oyster option for enhanced slip resistance.

Cube Tread C Cube Oyster Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Tread - CUBE® Oyster

C-CUBE® stair treads have a better strength-to-weight ratio than traditional mesh grating treads which means that strength is maintained while weight is reduced

Get Documentation Files

Download documentation and 3D models

To support you in the best possible way, we've made a documentation package available for you to download. The bundle contains 3D drawings of CUBE planks and treads ready to import into your own drawings. Also included are datasheets with standard dimensions and 2D drawings. In addition, we've added the presentation brochure and product certificates in PDF format. Don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to help.

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Exceptional alternative. Very competitive prices

CUBE gratings offer the highest safety, the best quality and many design possibilities. And guess what? It's more affordable than you think. 

Mesh gratings have been the traditional choice for projects in the past decade.

For many years, mesh gratings have been used for projects in the building- and industry sectors for walkways, access platforms and stairs and numerous other applications. The new CUBE grating offers a new design and tested according to European standards allowing you to apply it as a better alternative to the traditional mesh grating.

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CUBE® - where design meets purpose

Rethinking the traditional mesh grating

We have been in the market of gratings for more than a decade, always offering the same traditional mesh gratings. But last year, we decided it was time to create a new, improved grating series that offers the same physical properties as the traditional mesh gratings, but with a completely new and more appealing design.

The new CUBE® grating series represents the new alternative to mesh gratings and improved according to design and slip-resistance so you can apply it for any project where the traditional 33x33 mesh gratings are normally used.

Choose CUBE® for the best quality & competitive prices

No matter the industry or application, CUBE® is an improved alternative to mesh gratings and provides you with the benefit of high safety combined with a unique design at affordable prices.

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Embrace cost efficiency, safety and modern design with PcP CUBE® mesh gratings

  • Enhanced slip resistance

    The slip resistance offered by the CUBE® is tested in accordance with BS 7976-2 and with DIN 51130.

  • Unique design

    Designed by PcP, the CUBE® is the latest innovation, new to the world and comes with a unique and modern design and manufacturing technology.

  • High strength & low weight

    The CUBE® grating has the optimal balance between weight and strength making it a suitable and cost-efficient solution for all types of industrial applications.

  • Simple & quick installation

    We designed the CUBE® gratings to be simple and easy to install - saving valuable time and enabling quick commissioning.

  • Easy to clean

    In food and beverage industries where hygiene is important, the C-CUBE® grating is suitable and easy to clean.

  • EN ISO 14122

    CUBE® gratings comply with the European standard EN ISO 14122 for loading and BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 + A1:2012.