CUBE 30 – the ideal replacement for mesh gratings

Discover the next evolution in safety and functionality with the new CUBE 30 Mesh Grating

Engineered to meet the highest industry standards, this grating is designed to elevate safety levels while offering exceptional durability and performance. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, the CUBE 30 Mesh Grating is the ultimate solution for your industrial and commercial needs.

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CUBE 30 mesh grating

Introducing the Innovative CUBE 30 Mesh Grating: Unparalleled Safety and Performance

Experience a revolutionary shift in industrial grating solutions with PcP's new CUBE® 30 grating programme. Our advanced steel gratings and planks are engineered to set new safety, weight, strength, and design standards. With a 30mm height and 1.5mm thickness, CUBE® 30 introduces a lightweight yet robust option that surpasses traditional mesh gratings. Get ready to embrace the modernisation of industrial projects.

Applications of CUBE 30:
CUBE 30 grating finds its prime utility in a spectrum of industrial applications, including:

  • Walkways: Sturdy and secure paths for workers to navigate.
  • Platforms: Stable elevated surfaces for various operational needs.
  • Industrial Flooring: A reliable foundation for heavy-duty activities.
  • Mezzanine: Efficient space utilization with enhanced safety.

Introducing Cost-Efficiency: CUBE® 30 vs. Traditional Mesh Gratings

  • Advanced Slip Resistance (R12)

    The CUBE 30 Mesh Grating sets a new standard in slip resistance. With an impressive R12 rating, it provides secure footing in various conditions. Designed to handle slopes between 27° and 35° according to DIN 51130, this grating ensures stability even in challenging environments.

  • Reduced Material Usage & Enhanced Strength

    CUBE 30 takes a revolutionary approach to design, utilizing a sleek 30mm height and 1.5mm thickness without compromising on strength. This innovative engineering translates to significantly reduced material usage, resulting in a cost-effective solution without compromising on structural integrity. In contrast, traditional mesh gratings often require more material to achieve the same load-bearing capacity, driving up costs.

  • Long-Term Durability & Lower Maintenance Costs

    CUBE 30's robust build and slip-resistant surface are designed for longevity. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure minimal maintenance needs over its lifecycle. Traditional mesh gratings, though initially cost-effective, may require more frequent maintenance, repairs, or even replacement.

  • Installation Efficiency: Save Time & Money

    Installing CUBE 30 is a breeze. Its adaptable design and lightweight construction streamline installation processes, reducing labour hours and associated expenses. On the other hand, traditional mesh gratings can be more time-consuming and labour-intensive to install, which can translate into higher overall project costs.

  • Flexibility in Customisation - Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

    CUBE 30's adaptable strength lets you customise load-bearing capacity precisely as needed, eliminating the need for over-engineering and potential overspending. Traditional mesh gratings might force you to choose higher capacities than required, leading to unnecessary expenses.

  • Contribute to responsible construction

    CUBE 30 embraces a lightweight design, aligning with modern environmentally conscious practices. By choosing a more responsible alternative, you contribute to responsible construction and potentially reduce waste disposal costs associated with traditional mesh grating replacements.

PcP CUBE 30 walkway

A New Era of Industrial Gratings

Upgrade your industrial projects with CUBE® 30, a groundbreaking solution that combines innovation, safety, and adaptability. Whether replacing existing gratings or incorporating them alongside traditional mesh options, CUBE® 30 promises to elevate industrial work environment to new heights.

Experience the future of industrial grating—where safety meets strength, and design meets functionality. Choose CUBE® 30 for a smarter, safer, and more efficient industrial landscape.

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Introducing Cost-Efficiency: CUBE® 30 vs. Traditional Mesh Gratings

Affordability meets uncompromised quality and performance.

When it comes to choosing the optimal grating solution for your industrial projects, affordability is a paramount consideration. Enter CUBE 30, a game-changing alternative that excels in performance and offers a clear financial advantage over traditional mesh gratings.

Choose CUBE 30 gratings for the best industrial solution. It doesn't get better!

No matter the industry or application, CUBE 30 steel gratings are an improved alternative to mesh gratings and provide you with the benefit of high safety combined with a unique design at affordable prices.

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