CASE: Enhancing Housing Solutions for Migrant Workers

Staalbow Van Beek chooses CUBE 30 gratings to design safe housing solutions for migrant workers.

Housing for Migrants - Netherlands
Saalbouw van Beek
Year established
Since 1987
Barneveld, Netherlands
Migrant housing

Staalbouw Van Beek selects CUBE 30 gratings for crafting secure accommodations for migrant laborers

In a fruitful partnership with Staalbouw van Beek, we embarked on a journey to design effective housing solutions for migrant workers. Originating as specialists in crafting steel structures for industrial and agricultural projects, Staalbouw van Beek transitioned its focus to cater to the evolving needs of labor migrants, marking a significant shift in their path.

About Staalbouw Van Beek

Staalbouw Van Beek is a trusted partner for steel constructions, specialised in industrial and agricultural projects. Beyond steel structures, they offer tailored roofing solutions.

Addressing a Growing Need

In Zeewolde, a park was established to house labor migrants temporarily. As the park underwent expansion, the plan encompassed the construction of four identical buildings. These structures required the installation of
platforms and staircases between them, enabling residents to access their front doors conveniently.

Innovative Solution

In this context, PcP recommended the utilization of 30mm-high CUBE 30 gratings featuring the OYSTER serrated upward grip holes. These gratings do not only meet the required load-bearing standards but also allowed
ample light transmission and featured an anti-slip profile to enhance safety. This combination, coupled with competitive pricing and rapid delivery, convincingly led Staalbouw van Beek to adopt this solution.

Approximately 730 square meters of platforms were supplied using just four different grating sizes. The integration of standard B-CUBE® steps, sourced from our readily available stock, a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing result was achieved.

Advantages of CUBE 30 in the Solution

  • Modern Design

    As the latest innovation from PcP, CUBE® presents a modern alternative to the traditional mesh grid, contributing to an updated aesthetic.

  • High Load-Bearing Capacity

    Despite being lightweight, CUBE 30 gratings strike an optimal balance between strength and weight, making them a competitive solution for diverse applications.

  • Effective Light Transmission

    The design of CUBE 30 gratings ensures sufficient light permeation throughout the spaces between the buildings, enhancing the overall environment.

  • Anti-Slip Platform

    With an anti-slip value compliant with R12 according to DIN 51130, CUBE® gratings prioritise safety and prevent accidents.

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