Hising Bridge

Architectural CUBE® ceiling for the 440 metres long Hising Bridge

CUBE® gratings provide a unique design and decorate the 1000 m2 ceiling below the new Hising Bridge of Gothenburg.

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Project Partners
Trafikværket & Skanska
Hising Bridge

Architectural CUBE® ceiling for the 440 metres long Hising Bridge


The Hising Bridge is to become the new landmark of Gothenburg. Spanning over the central part of Scandinavia’s most significant commercial harbour, The Hissing Bridge will replace the existing Göta River Bridge from 1939.

Aesthetically, the Hising bridge will become ‘a street’ within the city, for people to walk on and below and, to enjoy spectacular views. The Hising bridge will bind the Göta River shores for cars, busses, trams, pedestrians, and bicycles.

The Hising Bridge project involves many partners, entrepreneurs, and subcontractors. PcP was involved in the project to design and supply safety solutions for access walkways, platforms, stairs, and architectural ceilings. The new bridge is approximately 440 metres long.

Project criteria

The construction work for the Hising Bridge began in 2013 and will replace the old worn-out bridge from 1939. The project involves a range of highly experienced partners within construction and infrastructure: Trafikværket and Skanska, to name a few. The project prescribed stainless steel gratings to decorate the bridge with an architectural ceiling that would blend into the atmosphere and surroundings. The purpose is to give people an unforgettable experience of the architecture and the bridge lights during the day and on a “special” night.

The criteria for the ceiling of stainless-steel gratings were prescribed in the project to fulfil an aesthetic design as a ceiling and at the same time provide a functional safety platform for maintenance workers.
Additionally, the project had prescribed the need for safe access walkways, stairs, and service platforms to ensure maximum safety for workers on the entire bridge.


The project partners chose PcP to provide the complete solution: ceiling, stairs, walkways, and service platforms.

The different applications involved close collaboration between the partners throughout design, development, test and delivery. The range of applications was a thorough process of designing, drawing and technical advice. The entire solution involved PcP products from OPTIMO, CUBE and Guardrail.

CUBE® as an architectural solution for ceilings

1000 m2 CUBE® gratings decorate the ceiling below the bridge with a multifunctional purpose combining design and functionality. The unique design is simplistic and efficient and provides excellent light penetration at night.

A complete PcP solution that combines modern design, functionality and safety for the Swedish Hising Bridge.

  • Unique design

  • Safe

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Functional

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