CASE: Galvanised steel platforms adorn Stauning Whisky’s distillery

A Dream Come True

PcP mesh gratings and steps in galvanised steel make up 1,000 square metres of working platform and mezzanines at Stauning Whisky.

A dream come true
Steel platform for Stauning whisky
Stauning Whisky
Year established
Renovated in 2006
Stauning, Denmark
MESH gratings

A dream comes true

It all started in 2006 when nine whisky enthusiasts sat down together to devise a plan for realising their dream of transforming their whisky-making hobby in a primitive old slaughterhouse into a new and modern Danish whisky distillery. In 2007, the dream soon became a reality when the project took off in earnest, and the plans were for building the modern distillery, Stauning Whisky, were launched.

The Project

Stauning Whisky dreamed of creating a modern distillery where they could make real whisky. Stauning Whiskey chose PcP to provide mesh gratings for the platforms and mezzanine floors, as well as ventilation gratings for the drying halls. Before building work started, construction meetings were held with the building’s owners as well as the architect, consulting engineer and the smith.

Design requirements

As the designated supplier of mesh gratings for the distillery’s platforms, PcP’s specialists advised on the choice of product, solution, material, load and safety requirements and matched the desired criteria from Stauning Whisky. When PcP provides advice, it is important to ensure that the solution meets all the requirements regarding load and safety as well as the customer’s design requirements. Stauning Whisky was very keen that the solution would visually match the rest of the distillery. At construction meetings, all the parties agreed on the best solution, which also took into account Stauning Whisky’s design requirements.

Safety requirements

The height of the distillery was set at 3.2 metres, so safety was a key factor for employees as well as visitors. Therefore, a mesh gratings solution was chosen, which was intended to look like a solid floor.

The Solution

In close cooperation with Stauning Whisky, the architects, engineers and smiths, a unique solution was arrived at which aesthetically complemented the desired visual look while optimising the sense of safety at the height of approx. 3.2 metres. PcP supplied a customised solution with press-locked mesh gratings and steps with cut-outs for copper pipes.

Unique design

The mesh gratings were designed and manufactured according to the customer’s wishes and design requirements.

PcP tailored the galvanised steel mesh gratings to create a 1,000-square-metre platform and mezzanine level in the distillery, where the whisky is produced in copper pot stills. The combination of different metal types ensured a modern design while at the same time creating an authentic experience of a real whisky distillery for visitors to Stauning Whisky.

The galvanised steel platform had to be integrated with the copper still pots in the distillery, while the mesh gratings needed to comply with special mesh size requirements.

Unique cut-outs with manual welds

The PCP mesh gratings are precisely tailored to the distillery. The platform solution comprises mesh gratings which are developed and produced by PcP’s experienced product developers and technical draftsmen. The detailing was carefully executed by PcP’s welders, who made unique cut-outs and manual welds. The bearing bars for the gratings were placed in the opposite direction than standard, and the crossbars were higher than normal. This created a visual impression of a solid steel platform, providing a sense of security for both employees and visitors when moving about at the height of 3.2 metres.

Optimum safety and aesthetic design

In close cooperation with Stauning Whisky’s project employees for the building work, effective decisions were arrived at for a unique solution. PcP was responsible for supplying a modern and robust solution with fine details that fully lived up to the customer’s wishes. In addition to its very high strength, the steel platform provides a sense of safety and security for employees and visitors to the distillery.


A tailor-made solution that helps to promote an atmosphere of authentic whisky production. The sense of safety and security on the over three-metre high mezzanine levels at Stauning Whisky ensures visitors have the best possible experience when visiting the distillery.


  • 1,000 m2 platform with PcP mesh gratings

  • Slip-resistant

  • High safety and strength

  • Modern design

  • Functional and robust solution that complies with requirements

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