Offshore Grating Solutions

Overview of safety solutions for offshore constructions

PcP has more than 30 years’ experience supplying safe and robust solutions to offshore constructions such as wind turbines, substations, offshore platforms, and flare towers. Our high-quality products are designed to meet the strictest safety standards and requirements to strength therefore very suitable for demanding offshore environments with high corrosion.

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Meet your project criteria with PcP offshore solutions

To supply the safest solution matching the specific project criteria, PcP is involved in the main part of the process, from designing, drawing, and manages third-party approval of the solution. Knowledge sharing and training are vital elements of our collaboration with partners. In extension, welding is one of the most challenging aspects of the manufacturing process. For this purpose, PcP applies years of experience and specially certified welders.

PcP provides a range of products for the following offshore applications:

  • Flare tower heat shields
  • Transformer station bunds
  • Wind Turbine maintenance platforms
  • Wind Turbine Helihoist
  • Walkways, stairs and landings for
  • offshore oil and gas platforms

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PcP has more than 30 years’ experience supplying safe and robust solutions to offshore constructions such as wind turbines, offshore oil and gas platforms, flare towers and transformer stations. We provide solutions to match your specific project criteria and provide technical support throughout the project.

Pcp Offshore Solutions Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

We provide gratings and treads in varios materials and finishes for wind turbine platforms, stairs, landings and helihoists. Our gratings and treads offer the highest slip resistant surface and last for a life time.

Pcp Offshore Solutions Oil Gas Platforms

Oil & Gas Platforms

On offshore oil and gas platforms safety is critical for the workers to feel safe during maintenance work. PcP’s offers high quality gratings for maximum safety such as high slip-resistance and durability.

Fire Protection Gratings Electrical Substation Energidanmark

Transformer Station Bunds

Designing safe solutions for transformer station bunds is one of our core competences, with the LHD® fire-protection grating introduced to prevent transformer station fires. Since the late 1980s, PcP has been designing, developing and manufacturing safe fire-protection solutions for offshore, oil and gas applications.

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Flare Towers

Due to massive heat exposure, the flare tower has a critical need for a high technology service platform to stand the challenge in the high heat environment up to 1000 degrees. Typically, the flare tower is one of the last elements installed on a platform; constructed onshore, hereafter, installed on the offshore platform. Our LHD® Heat Resistant Grating sheils flare towers from radiated heat and reduces underlying temperatures.

Bespoke grating and stair tread solutions

We offer safety gratings and treads for offshore solutions in demanding environments, and our product range covers gratings and treads in various materials and finishes.

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