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Plank grating B-CUBE Plain


Steel 240 YP

Punched hole mesh gratings B-CUBE® has a high strength-to-weight ratio which means that strength is maintained while weight is reduced. The greater the span, the lower is the weight – in relation to pressure-locked mesh gratings. The B-CUBE® grating can be produced in three design variants depending on how much slip resistance is needed. B-CUBE® mesh gratings are recommended in most constructions and industries where high air- or liquid flow are required.

Cube Plank Grating Length Equals Span Direction


  • Free area: 50-56 %
  • Downward drainage holes: 34x34 mm
  • C-C grid: 43,5 x 43,5 mm
  • Ball proof: 35 mm in accordance with BS 4592
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Designed for simplicity & efficiency


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Load capacity

CUBE gratings, panels and stair treads comply to the European Industrial standard EN ISO 14122-2 for a concentrated load of min. 1.5 kN on 200x200 mm and to BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 +A1: 2012.


We supply various fixing clamps and kick flats for platforms and walkways.

Low weight

Punched hole mesh grating B-CUBE® has very high strength compared to the weight ratio due to the unique cold-formed design.

Quick and cost-efficient to install

The CUBE gratings and stair treads are quick and easy to install.

Ball proof

The CUBE® gratings are 35 mm ball-proof according to EN ISO 14122-2 and comply to BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 +A1: 2012

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