CASE: Safe aluminium ramps make the job easy for Lambertsson Kran AB

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Year established
Since 1970
Lambertsson Crane and Elevators

Aluminium elevator ramps - a costeffective, time saving and safe solution

Lambertsson is one of Scandinavia’s largest rental companies and service providers in construction and industrial solutions. Lambertsson erects cranes and elevators for construction projects, among other activities. Shorter building times, better control over costs and smoother processes are therefore critical and beneficial to the project owners.


Lambertsson has been erecting and dismantling elevators for more than a decade using wooden planks or plywood for building the elevator ramps. This method of building ramps is time consuming and resource demanding. Lambertsson needed a simple ramp solution that would make the project planning time more predictable and less time consuming when erecting the elevators. Lambertsson needed a ramp that could handle the same weight as the elevator, equivalent to a capacity of 2.1 tonnes, and without exceeding 1.3 metres from the position .


In order to meet the criteria of Lambertsson, PcP Scaffolding developed a custom solution based on the PcP OPTIMO® grating series, which is the safest choice for applications in construction, where workers are on the job. To customise a simple solution, PcP built a ramp that is able to lift the same capacity as the elevators, up to 2.1 tonnes, with a span of 80 cm. The ramp is made of aluminium decks and is very light to install.

”PcP’s solution to replace wooden ramps has helped us to make more specific calculations for erecting and dismantling the elevators. All together, we save a lot of time and costs with this solution”

Åke Karlsson, project manager, Lambertsson Cranes and elevators.


With this cost-effective solution, Lambertsson can plan and time projects much more effectively, while also saving costs and resources compared to plywood ramps.

  • Minimum ressources

    The aluminium ramps are easy to install and support a rapid installation time

  • Light weight

    Lighter than plywood

  • Customised solutions

    Ramps customised to the elevators dimensions

  • High strenght

    Capacity up to 2.1 tonnes

  • Slip resistant

    Safe and stable for the workers

  • Cost-effective solution

    Project planning and time estimation is more accurate and cost-saving.

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